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Luajuana Brasfield

Luajuana Brasfield

Luajuana Brasfield has been an educator in the Alabama school system for over thirty years.  During her tenure as a middle school, high school and college mathematics teacher, she authored four Math Helper books which have significantly improved student understanding and achievement in mathematics. After twenty-five years in the classroom, Luajuana has provided professional development—assisting and supporting teachers in  differentiating instruction leading to student success in all content areas.

Luajuana’s extensive work with students and teachers throughout Alabama has taken her inside the classrooms and the hearts of many students and their educators.  Her passion for the children and educators of The Black Belt compelled her to share her stories in Hope Menders: A Journey to the Heart of Education.

Luajuana Brasfield has been a presenter at state and national conferences including the following: SREB High Schools That Work, Best Practices Conferences, Mega Conference, Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Career Technology Education Conference, Stephen Peters "No Child Left Out" Conference, Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program and other educational conferences.

Luajuana is available for motivational speaking and consulting services.