About The Book

It was in the early years that I learned that children don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.


Hope Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Without hope, life seems to become mere existence. For children without hope, expectations are rarely realized, and children find it easier to abandon expectation than to face repeated disappointment and pain. These hurting children often turn to the streets, to gangs, to drugs, or to suicide.

Many times it is the teacher who becomes the final safety net for these children by helping them to realize that they are important, that someone cares, and that they are worthy. Like mending broken wings, educators often mend hope in children so that they can fly away to realize expectations, build dreams, and have restored hope.


As you read the stories of the students and educators, likely, your own stories will come to mind. You are mending hope by doing good deeds - unknown and unrecognized - out of your love, concern and compassion for children. This book is a salute to you, Hope Menders.


"Students who are loved at home, come to the school to learn, and students who aren't, come to school to be loved." - Nicholas Ferroni